Friday, June 06, 2008

Inspired by example....

Most of us have talked about the things we'd like to do before we die. Various places we'd like to visit, skills we'd like to master, people we'd like to meet... whatever it is that strikes us at the moment as worthy of doing before we lose all opportunity.

Maggie Mason, writer, editor and publisher of the various Mighty Media websites posted a list of "100 Things To Do Before I Go" that prompted me to do the same. Of course I had decided to do that weeks before this post, my first in more than a year... but better late than never.

I'll update this list as I go and see if I can't manage to find 100 things I'd like to do before I die. As for how many I finish...

  1. Walk in Antarctica
  2. Walk on a glacier
  3. Fly in a helicopter
  4. Learn to blow smoke rings
  5. (re)Learn to play the drums
  6. Take vocal lessons
  7. Watch a desert sunrise with my wife
  8. Make a successful business out of my hobby
  9. Train an award winning bonsai
  10. Win an award for my painting
  11. Run for a public office
  12. Learn to make proper sushi
  13. Become a Certified Sommelier
  14. Grow my own vegetables
  15. Smoke a cigar on a tropical beach
  16. Learn to SCUBA dive
  17. SCUBA diver in a foreign country
  18. Spend a day tending my own Japanese garden
  19. Visit at least 10 Japanese gardens in California
  20. Learn enough about rum to make an educated purchase
  21. Learn enough about tequila to make an educated purchase
  22. Learn enough about Scotch to make an educated purchase
  23. Learn enough about whiskeys to make an educated purchase
  24. Learn enough about cigars to make an educated purchase
  25. Bottle and ferment my own port recipe
  26. Bottle and ferment my own hard cider
  27. Ride my bike more than 100 miles in a day
  28. Go on an exclusive tour
  29. Perform Shakespeare for an audience
  30. Go class 3+ whitewater rafting
  31. Start my own business (again)
  32. Conquer my fear of heights and climb a wall or rock face more than 50'
That's it for the moment...

06 June 2008: 1-25 added
12 June 2008: 26 added
20 June 2008: 27-29 added